Bilete ZMEI3 and friends - Romanian Love Songs / Expirat / 12.03 - 12 mar, ora 20:00 - Expirat Halele Carol

ZMEI3 and friends - Romanian Love Songs / Expirat / 12.03

Expirat Halele Carol, București

joi, 12 martie, ora 20:00

Evenimentul s-a încheiat.


ZMEI3 are coming back to Bucharest in Spring with a special concert dedicated to love and friendship - featuring many old and new friends: Elijah Saint (accordion) / Petra Acker (vocals) / Nelu & Adam (harmonicas) and more!
Nota: Conform comunicatului emis de Ministerul Afacerilor Interne, exista posibilitatea ca evenimentele care au loc in luna martie sa sa reprogrameze / anuleze, dar in cazul amanarii, biletele cumparate raman valabile. iabilet va va informa in caz ca evenimentele se amana sau se anuleaza in timp util. Multumim!

ZMEI3 is the band of Romanian immigrants in Berlin. Their debut album Rough Romanian Soul (out April 22nd, 2016 on Six Degrees Records) was produced by GRAMMY® award-winner, Ian Brennan.

The band has a unique sound: Rough Romanian Soul - mashing up indie-pop, blues and soul with influences of jazz, avant-garde with introspective topics and psychedelic soundscapes.

Mihai Victor Iliescu (concept, lyrics, guitars, vocals) is the leader of ZMEI3. To express his feelings as a Romanian immigrant in Berlin, he created with ZMEI3 a new style of music called Rough Romanian Soul.

Oli Bott (vibes, keys, composition) writes the music of ZMEI3 as a fusion of his soul with elements of Rough Romanian Soul. His virtuoso, explosive, flamboyant vibraphone improvisations are at the core of the ZMEI3 sound.

The powerful voice of ZMEI3 is Paula Turcas, a soprano opera singer who gave up classical music in the pursuit of a more truthful artistry grounded in the struggles of everyday life.

„ZMEI3 are psychedelic and melancholic, spiritual and soulful, jazzy and experimental, sometimes even rock, always very Romanian and, above all, brave.“ WEST DEUTSCHLAND RADIO

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