Bilete Lucie Antunes «Sergeï Trio» (FR) • Expirat • 17.01 - 17 ian, ora 21:00 - Expirat Halele Carol

Lucie Antunes «Sergeï Trio» (FR) • Expirat • 17.01

Expirat Halele Carol, București

marți, 17 ianuarie, ora 21:00

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Lucie is a classically & contemporary-trained drummer and percussionist, inspired by the pioneers of minimalism. In 2013, she turned to pop music and found herself propelled center stage alongside Moodoid, Aquaserge, Yuksek, Susheela Raman. Since 2015 she has been creating and directing electro-acoustic piecesin collaboration with choreographers, performers, and musicians.

Her live is an ode to music eclecticism and Lucie creates labyrinths of sounds through the use of unconventional instruments such as marimba, vibraphones, celesta, tubular balls, glockenspiel, and ondesMartenot. Through these seven pieces, Lucie achieves her freedom and builds on it, the artist that she is with no compromises but only with the determined ambition to break the boundaries and to make the eyes smile.

Copiii sub 12 ani au acces gratuit atât timp cât sunt însoțiți de un adult plătitor de bilet.