Bilete Ignite (US) • Moody-Fi (RO) • Expirat • 04.07 - 4 iul '23, ora 20:00 - Expirat Halele Carol

Ignite (US) Moody-Fi (RO) • Expirat • 04.07

Expirat Halele Carol, București

marți, 4 iulie '23, ora 20:00

Evenimentul s-a încheiat.


Ignite (US) sunt în turneu european, iar pe marți, 4 iulie, vor ajunge la Expirat, Halele Carol. În deschiderea lor vor fi Moody-Fi (RO).

In 2019, Orange County, California Punk and Hardcore institution, IGNITE were a band at a crossroads. Over 25 years, IGNITE had taken their hardcore foundations and not merely turned them into the sound of a band that has refused to be categorized but had become a worldwide force in their own right.

With five albums behind them including 2006’s breakout, Our Darkest Days and 2016’s A War Against You (which entered the German album charts at #6) as well as countless tours through Europe, North America, Australia, South America and the Far East, the core of the band: bassist Brett Rasmussen, guitarists Nik Hill and Kevin Kilkenny and drummer Craig Anderson found themselves in search of a new voice. They found themselves without a singer.