Bilete Black Rhino pres. Kahn + Neek - 31 oct '19, ora 22:00 - Expirat Halele Carol

Black Rhino pres. Kahn + Neek

Expirat Halele Carol, București

joi, 31 octombrie '19, ora 22:00

Evenimentul s-a încheiat.


Black Rhino Music invites Bristol bass music heads: Kahn + Neek in Expirat on 31.10.2019

Kahn + Neek (UK)

Low Freq | Rax
Artwork by Alexandru Das
31st of October | Expirat
Ticket: 35 lei in advance | 40 at the door

Being raised on reggae and dub before frequenting the dubstep rooms of Bristol’s drum&bass rave scene, Kahn & Neek have always envisioned a moodier version of the hardcore continuum, twisting their influence without tainting its essence.

Outside of Kahn & Neek, the duo also produce under the guise of Gorgon Sound, for which their collaborative sonics fluctuate between grime and dubstep. Furthermore, the pair also double up as the co-founder and co-owner of Bandulu Records.


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